About Me

It’s truly a blessing to reach out to those all around the world.
My name is Raj, I am a Stay At Home mom of four beautiful children(3 girls,1 boy)
I love to research everything that comes into my household from the hair products to the best ballpoint pen on the market, Cook cultural food from all over the world, But most of all I love to spread God’s grace to every single person that comes in my path. I have always had this underlying urge to become a blogger, But always thought it wasn’t possible until recently when I decided to put my foot down, give all my worries to God, And make it happen! What better blog is there to have then to talk about God, Our Lord, and Savior!? I hope that I will not only be able to reach those in Christ, But especially to those new to God, That are struggling in life, Or unsure who God really is to us. I want to show you there is nothing to be afraid of, Nothing but love and joy and peace when you put your trust in God, He ALWAYS provides. I am so thankful you have taken time out of your life to see what I have to give and I hope I can make an impact on every person’s life, as Jesus Christ has done for us all.
Enjoy your readings, and God Bless!